Big New: Replica Fendi’s Tries to Be Chic With New Cups, Boxes and Bags Design From The Inspiration Of Their Food

Fendi’s, y’all can relax now. First it was All-Day Breakfast, then it was mozzarella sticks, and now it’s a brand-new look. The first two updates were legit, but this one is a dash of desperate if you ask us. In what appears to be an effort to cater to us hip millennials, Fendi designer bag is updating their packaging with a brighter, bolder look. According to Chicago Tribune, the “face lift” aims to get us kiddos off our phones (LOL) seemingly by distracting us with the chicness of its design.Why don’t they just invent an app that lets us 3-D print cheeseburgers from our phone? Or maybe bring back collectible cups, Hot Wheels for adults, or let the rest of us hit that Mac and Cheese they introduced in flippin’ Ohio? The article notes the chain will be moving to packaging made from “recycled or certified sustainable sources by 2020.” We have to admit—and God bless our millennial soul for saying this— that idea is pretty cool. Wouldn’t you agree?

fendi designer bags

If they add kale-themed anything to the menu though we’re breaking up with them and rebounding with White Castle. As you can see, Twitter is a little crispy about all the changes the chain has been making as of late. Can you blame us? We’re millennials for fricks sake. Half of us don’t even touch Replica Fendi‘s because we’re stuck in downward dog on our green juice retreat. The other half are lovin’ it regardless of what the bag looks like because we’re eating our way through a quarter-life crisis. In other words, there’s no need to coax us with dusty-ass attempts to be trendy when you already have a loyal following.

Darling Mickey D’s, we eat you because we are blazed, drunk or looking to get on the break-up. You don’t have to get all fancy to earn our love, and also you certainly have no need for sassy, modern logos to trap our attention. You’d us at 8 with individuals boot-formed nuggets and Teenie Beanies. On the other hand whenever we graduated to McRibs and Monopoly. The thing is, we like you, and also you should not need to change what you are simply to be awesome. Although now we would like a Filet-O-Seafood which backpack, though. Are you currently into the new Fendi bags prices designs? Can you sport that backpack?