Buy A Replica Fendi Petite 2Jours

Here’s another #SG50-worthy bag that you should most definitely check out. And before you make the face, here are 3 reasons why fashion Fendi’s Petite 2Jours is the one for keeps.


Firstly, the bag’s not mostly red. In fact, as far as its colours go, it’s a gorgeous cacophony of blues, pinks, reds and whites on a black background, with red and white playing only minor roles. Secondly, the orchid print is gorgeous, one that Karl Lagerfeld first introduced as part of Elegant Fendi’s S/S15 collection. Thirdly, this bag will only be available in Singapore, with 16 pieces allotted to our tiny red dot in all of Asia-Pacific.


Measuring 24 cm by 22 cm, the Petite2Jours also comes with a removable shoulder sling in case you get tired of carrying it by its top handles. Available at Fendi boutiques islandwide, it’s also one of those few bags you can use over and over for years to come.