Replica Balenciaga

The new classic was our all-time favorite Balenciaga Classic City Bag with Metallic Edges. At that time they only released it in black and gold. Check out here for more details: Balenciaga Classic City Metallic Edges in Black and GHW. read more

I’ve always been a B-girl, and a particular favourite of mine is the “City” bag Online. But I really can’t say I like this new hardware treatment that it has been given. Not only will scratches be super visible on the metal plates and it is cut in such an angular way that can be quite sharp. read more

We love mini bags very much! It has long been a trend in fashion, and while the seasons come and go, there has always been a place for teeny pieces in the hearts of bag lovers, whatever the preference and taste they may have. Today, we’re going to feature the Balenciaga Le Dix Raffia Soft Mini Bag sale, a perfect mix of classic and native elements that you’ll surely love! read more

Now that Alexander Wang is on his way out from Balenciaga, much has been said about his short-lived legacy which will no doubt be shifted into the shadows once the new man in charge takes over. And that might include the discontinuation of some bags that are deemed not in line with the new creative director’s aesthetics, a common enough practice across all luxury brands. read more