Introducing The Prada Bicolor Double Bag

When it comes to bags, the Prada Double Saffiano Cuir Bag is easily one of the most recognizable out there. It’s very elegant, timeless and has been spotted on the arms of celebrities, as well as one of my favorite TV characters, Olivia Pope. Countless color combinations are offered, in addition to several sizes.


Prada is offering a slight update to this classic with the Prada Bicolor Double Bag. Prada sent me one sample of this bag for review, though there are a couple others that will also be available. The three options are Caramel/Marmo, Marmo/Caramel, Talco/Caramel, all are beautiful and sure to be sought after.I’ve been a longtime fan of the Double Bag, and the bicolor update is really pretty.

The version Prada sent me was a very light grey with tan accents, and the placement of the offsetting tan leather is perfect; handles are usually the first part to visibly darken on a light-colored bag. The Double Bag features dual interior compartments, separated by a partition that features a magnetic closure. Named the Double Bag because of the double layer leather construction, the leather is sturdy but not too heavy, and there is an optional shoulder strap.