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Fairytale does exist.

Don’t wake me up from my dreams, are these real? Oh gosh, Sandra Choi (creative director Jimmy Choo) designed the most beautiful Cinderella Pumps in the world. Two pairs please!(one I keep for reserve).

Sandra Choi was inspired by the classic fairytale Cinderella movie and designed an enchanting shoe, which completely reimagines the iconic glass slipper of Cinderalla, which she accidentally left behind when the clock strikes midnight.

“I think every girl desires a Cinderella moment in their lives. This story ignites a love affair and fascination with shoes that never dies. The power they have to transform is instilled from a young age and the fantasy remains alive forever. I wanted to create a shoe that felt magical, with alluring sparkle and a feminine, timeless silhouette evoking those childhood emotions.” – Sandra Choi, Creative Director, Jimmy Choo.

The shoes were worn by the actress Lily James that played the Cinderella role. The shoe features high heels and is embellished with beautiful shiny stones all the way to the toe. Absolutely stunning, A+!

The Jimmy Choo Cinderella shoes will be limited available at the following stores:

Saks Fifth Avenue, New York
Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills
I’m not even sure I know where to start. The bag seemingly includes its very own (attached!) Mattress of raccoon tails so no matter where you place it, it’s sure to function as an extremely expensive Swiffer and attract all the loose dust in a twelve-inch radius. Not to mention that while you’re walking, that giant wad of fur is going to be dangling from your hip the entire time.And then there is the strap! It resembles the sort of thick, fancy rope which you would find at an upholstery shop frequented by the Real Housewives of New Jersey. No, actually, this is exactly what it reminds me of (if you do not understand where this is headed, jump to about 3:30):When the whipstitched reptile-and-leather tote was on a normal strap, it might have been a totally passable crossbody alternative, but with half a dozen tassles and yards of rope and pounds of fur, then it’s hard to remember that there is a bag there. I could envision this bag looking the part in a Russian-themed Vogue editorial, but beyond that, I hope that nobody plans to actual purchase or take it. It came on strong as an accessories fad last autumn, but the pattern was falling in and out of favor for decades and it is here to stay so long as fashion’s love for maximalism remains powerful. In fact, the quantity of leopard that is surfacing for Fall 2011 might be an all-time large for the modern fashion industry.Assuming which you are still in to leopard, that means you’ve got some accessories decisions to make. Natural or grey? Satchel or bag? Partially all or leather haircalf? Personally, I’ll pick Alaia daily, daily, but take a look at the larger photos and pricing info after the jump before you allow us know which style wins this bag Battle.
Harrods, London
Galeries Lafayette, Paris
Excelsior Milano, Milan