Luxurious Fendi Selleria Bi-Color Backpack With Blue Roman Leather

You may ask what makes it special from all the other backpacks out there? Here’s a little background check: The Fendi Selleria Bag Online is one of Fendi’s iconic bag with a long history, and today, they are offering it in a backpack ensemble. Fendi is bringing its A-game with its newest Selleria Bi-Color Backpacks. Unlike the past Selleria bag, this latest backpack edition is bi-color, which is something new.


If you will remember, Fendi has released the Selleria backpack with crocodile tale. You can read more about it here: Fendi Selleria Backpack sale with Crocodile Tale. Simple, unassuming yet fashion-forward, this Fendi creation will definitely redefine what a luxurious backpack should look like with its hand-stitched blackboard blue Roman leather or black Roman leather color.