Hey guys! Hope your week is off to a good start, I don’t always remember to share my flat lays here but today I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces that I’ve been wearing lately before they are gone. Stuff sell out so quickly nowadays. read more

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Here’s another wardrobe update for you guys and let’s get right to it. I have to say this month I acquired some items that I just love and know that I will use a lot. So I checked off a few things from my wishlist, like the Vince Camuto open toe booties, I chose to get those because I am getting a lot of us of my black Cole Haan pair that doesn’t always match everything. These booties are super comfortable and they were well worth the sale price. Next, I got 2 Barcelona camis, I had a $15 off coupon and they were on sale so I ended paying $39 for both. Remember I mentioned wanting cute tunics to pair with leggings, well I found one at Target and another at Loft. 01 and 02 I told you guys all about them in yesterday’s post. This bucket replica bag is the best, I am so happy I got this color. Last but not least I got these white pumps, I haven’t worn them yet but I am dying to. read more

Happy Friday guys! One thing I discovered this week, well I kind of knew that already but I’m a complete control freak. I like to plan plan plan, I plan my meals, I plan my sleep, I plan my workouts, the amount of TV I watch, pretty much everything. While this quality/fault has worked in my advantage in many aspect of my life, I know realize it is not always good to be so controlling. First, you put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Second, you don’t learn to go with the flow. I was never a go with the flow type of girl, nor will I ever be. But life is not all about planning, this week I was forced to take a sick day, I stayed home, had plenty of soup, slept a ton and watched TV. Honestly the whole day I was thinking of all the other things I could be doing, but my body was not cooperating. I’ve come to the conclusion that while my work ethic is a good thing, I am often too hard on myself. I need to learn to relax and not plan every single second of the day. I’m not saying I will completely change (come let’s be real for a sec), but I will make an effort. If I don’t post 5 times a week, it’s not the end of the world. read more

Hi guys! Happy hump day! This week is going pretty smoothly considering I was out all weekend long. I still feel like I have tons to catch up on, but oh well. I am super excited about the long weekend and I hope they have some good sales going on. My co-worker just came back from Alaska and after looking at his amazing pictures I am so envious, it is so pretty there and that’s officially on my bucket list, I just need a travel partner. In the meantime, for the long weekend I will be having some fun in the sun. I just cleaned my swimwear drawer, yes sadly I have one. currently 25% off swimwear and cover-ups with code “angelswim” it ends today, so I got a couple of my favorite bottom. Another sale I’m really excited about is the Nordstrom half-year sale, will do my best to share my faves with you soon. read more

Happy hump day ladies! Hope your week is off to a good start, mine started yesterday so yay for another short week. Lately I’ve been trying to focus on eating healthy and not skip out on my exercise, I will do a post on that as soon as I can catch my breath. I feel like I am constantly running a marathon, so this weekend I hope I get some downtime. read more

What I’m Wearing :: sunglasses – || earrings – || necklace – || wrap bracelet – || watch – || shirt – has been putting out lately. It’s been incredibly hot here in South Florida, so these are all I’ve been wearing over the weekends. I seriously want every single one of them, if you follow on snapchat (pinksole_rach) you may have seen several version of that outfit. read more

What I’m Wearing :: sunglasses – earrings – necklace – rings – watch – sweater tunic – Express () leggings – boots – (limited sizes, similar , and ) replica bag – Madwell c/o
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Striped shirt and skinny jeans are one of my favorite go-to outfits, I wear a version of this whenever I’m running late, I’m not inspired or just because. I love this easy look and you know by now I’m borderline addicted to stripes. An outfit doesn’t have to be complicated to be cute and well put together. A button down striped shirt is a closet staple for me, and this one is my favorite. This exact one is sold out right now but I’m sure it will come back, I’m also loving these three below by the same brand. read more

Hey hey! It’s almost the weekend and I’m ready. Talking about the weekend how perfect is this outfit, I wore around Las Olas to grab a bite and walk around. I already know jeans will be out of the equation soon for me on weekends, so I have my mini denim skirts and shorts ready. Over to weekend I was wear a and and somebody asked me how to pair dresses/skirts with sneakers. You have to take your height into consideration, the length and cut of your skirt or dress are all crucial. I personally wouldn’t pair sneakers with a full midi skirt, the proportions would be off because I am only 5’4. So I personally wear sneakers with short skirts and dresses, it may work with a a more fitted midi skirt or dress but I have not tried that yet. read more

Hey guys! This weekend went by way too fast despite having an extra day. I wore this out 2 weeks ago, yup another dress with sneakers outfit. I love and that was such a great buy, I picked it up during a sale and it’s a perfect piece for Spring/Summer. I also have my eye on that . I knew I was going to pair it with my because I never miss an opportunity to wear these sneakers, they are so comfortable. A great less expensive alternative are these , I have them as well and love them. I grabbed my favorite because lately it’s been crazy windy here, but I ended up wearing it tied around my waist for the most part. read more