Praise for the Replica Prada Inside Bag

From the moment I saw the Prada Inside Bag hit the runway, I love it. Now, I’m here to again tell you why the Prada Inside Bag is one of the best bags out there right now.

For starters: the Inside Bag is different! The Inside Bag is genuinely a new take on the satchel shape, an that automatically wins points with me. What helps even more is the design is really pretty. Prada fused together different hues for the bag’s signature inside compartment to ensure it stood out from the outside, and many of the combinations are stunning.


The inside compartment is best used as your main compartment, both the smaller and larger size fit a continental wallet. There are also three open flat pockets on the interior compartment as well. You can keep your keys and phone in the outer compartment, so think of this bag as having three compartments for storage.

The best prada Inside Bag’s outside shell zips over the interior shell, and you can close the interior and leave the outer shell open so it peeks out. The inside compartment is not removable, and if you are putting contents in the outer compartments, keep in mind that you might need to zip the outer shell up a bit for more security.


The design has an optional shoulder strap as well, which is always a major plus for me. I like the rolled top handles, and on the larger size of the bag, they slide easily onto my shoulder. The Inside bag comes in both medium and large sizes.