Replica Celine’s Resort 2016 Bag Lookbook

We noticed that Celine has given it’s Resort 2016 (which it calls Spring 2016) lookbook a huge expansion since we originally posted it in October-there are almost two dozen new replica celine phantom bags, including a bunch of Trapeze Bags and Luggage Totes, which we know our our readers’ favorites.

replica celine bags online

Even as luxury brands slowly-but-surely embrace the Internet around them, Celine continues to stick it out; it’s one of only a small handful of big brands left that won’t sell any of its bags online, and that means any glimpse we get at what’s coming is something to treasure. Today, we have the brand’s Resort 2016 lookbook (a collection which the brand terms Spring 2016; what everyone else calls spring, Celine calls summer).

This group of replica celine bags online feels more wearable than the brand’s several most recent collections, with most of the shape additions being simple, classic, minimalist shoulder bags; there’s no attempted reinvention of the wheel here. In addition to those, there are also new versions of Celine favorites like the Luggage and Phantom Luggage Totes, Trapeze Bags and Belt Bags. Check them out below; these bags will be available in boutiques and department stores soon.

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