Replica Givenchy Butterfly Antigona Clutch

There is something very cliche about butterflies. Yes, they symbolize rebirth and they can be quite beautiful. Probably most notable are blue butterflies, which are pretty cool because the blue color is actually the result of structural pigmentation. But after seeing butterflies on everything from clothing to tattoos for years on end, they are kind of getting old.However, I stumbled across this clutch today and I just might change my mind. Introducing the AAA Givenchy Butterfly Print Antigona Clutch!


After all, it does feature a butterfly print. The difference here though is the way the butterflies are presented. The print focuses on their markings alone, rather than the fact that they are butterflies.In fact, they look like some sort of buckeye butterfly. It is so refreshing to see a butterfly that isn’t blue getting some attention for once! Now according to Givenchy’s official site, this collection was inspired by animals, geometry, prints, and masculine/feminine. Oddly, this butterfly print exhibits all of these things. The result is a pretty unique looking clutch that would pair nicely with both formal and casual attire.