Review Of Balenciaga Shows Restrained, Exotic Bags for Spring 2015 Italy Replica Bags

In his seasons at Balenciaga so far, Alexander Wang has set a sporty but intensely luxurious precedent for himself, generally cast in neutral shades and finished with inventive-but-modern hardware. Balenciaga Spring 2015 very much follows in that short tradition, with top-handled frame bags that might also be clutches. (Or might only be clutches?)

Wang placed a limited number of bags in the runway show, which is also his usual MO at his eponymous brand, and although they were carried like clutches, it seemed like maybe they were actually upside-down top handles with large metal frame structure. On the other hand, maybe they’re meant to be carried exactly as they were shown, with the beautiful chain “handle” and metal frame simply meant to provide an unexpected contrast to the graceful loops of leather or crocodile that make up the body of the clutch.

Either way, check out the bags below and let us know which way you think they’re supposed to be carried.

[Photos via Vogue UK]

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