The Fashion And Modern Fendi Micro Flower Peekaboo knockoff Bag

The autumn has started and the summer is going to be so beautiful that the noble Fendi Peekaboo Bag is starting to blossom. Well, we love the Peekaboo bag, don’t we? And especially when they’re available in single colors like these.


But single colors with beautiful adornment is the new trend. These flowers all look handcrafted with scissors and papers, which adds an interesting flavor. And besides, we not only love the style, but also that these are ‘Micro’ sized. Tiny yet spacious enough as an everyday bag, iconic and lady-like, can you wish more?


One more thing, here’s a short reminder: this Honorable fendi bag features an adjustable shoulder strap, one large compartment in the interior with slot pocket and a beautiful shape.