The Replica Givenchy New Line Bow Cut Flap Bag

The structured, long-strap flap bags are the hottest thing going in handbags right now, and Givenchy may have our favorite of the new crop. The first version of it to hit the Internet was immediately crowned our Bag of the Week, and now several more materials, colors and sizes have arrived.

In spite of our best efforts, we’re still not entirely sure what this givenchy bag sale is called, and maybe neither is Givenchy. The brand gives model names to all its handbags, and especially to new launches likely to garner consumer attention, but the brand’s Fall-Winter 2015 lookbook simple refers to this as a “flap bag.” Bergdorf Goodman called it the New Line Flap Bag when it first hit the brand’s site, and that’s what the brand is called the two it currently carries, but now Bergdorf Goodman has changed the product name to the Bow-Cut Flap Bag, which is what Saks is also calling it. Long story short: whatever Givenchy eventually decrees we should call this bag, it’s really nice-looking.

givenchy bag outlet

Structured, mid-size flap bags almost always recall Chanel in some way, but this bag outlet takes the structure and makes it all Givenchy’s. The look is angular and modern, with little of the ladylike nostalgia that usually characterizes the particular shape.

The regular size of the bag, which is a little over 10 inches wide, has a strap drop that’s adjustable up to 15 inches, which means it will hit near a woman’s natural waist; a small wallet-on-a-chain version has a longer strap that allows for crossbody wear. For the regular size, the strap appears to be detachable through a buckle and loops under the bag’s top flap, allowing the carrier to use it as a clutch.