Top Grade Love It or Leave It : The Louis Vuitton Millefeuille Tote Wholesale Replica

This brand new W Louis Vuitton Bag Price Replica design has lots of contrasting colors and an interesting structure

As regular PurseBlog readers have likely noticed, I’ve mostly loved Louis Vuitton’s work over the past couple seasons. Designer Nicolas Ghesquiere has really hit his stride with the brand, and in particular, the way his accessories department combines the classic LV monogram fabric with colorful leathers in clean-lined, modern designs has made one of the luxury world’s oldest icons feel fresh again. And I’m far from the only one who’s impressed: Vuitton bags are going out of stock left and right. Enter the Louis Vuitton Millefeuille Tote, the latest new design to use the monogram-and-leather approach that’s won so many fans.

The Millefeuille’s name is borrowed from a famous French dessert that uses three layers of puff pastry to form its structure, and appropriately, the bag of the same name uses three main compartments for its. The front and back compartments are line in contrasting colors of microfiber with monogram canvas exteriors, while the central compartment is in a third color of calf leather. The exterior compartments are largely open on top (the front one closes with a turnlock that pokes through to the tote’s exterior), while the middle portion is sealed with dual zippers.

1. I can’t take 200lbs, but I know I can load the bag without worry. I spoke with an executive from Louis Vuitton at their San Diego shop opening a few months back and he explained that they did put the bag through intense stress testing to come up with this amount.2. It holds my clunky notebook, DSLR camera, iPad and other arbitrary things with room to spare and without even showing signs of anxiety. Regardless of the open top, things do not spill from it as I had imagined. Obviously, if you up-end it your possessions will fly everywhere.4. Close to the golden buckle, tighten the sides and shove it in bottom first to avoid things from falling out.5. The earliest and most-loved member of the LV collection is a backpack that is 12 years old. It’s carried a ridiculous amount of junk, been pushed and dropped in random places, and has lived on three continents. It still seems great.The bottom line is I can carry all my things, feel less awkward about it, and still look great doing it.Maybe it’s me, but I see luxury purses trending toward symbols that are minimal. Even though it’s heavier, I’d have chosen this bag to come in the understated Epi leather. It doesn’t. Temporarily, the stunning She’s So… collection features the Neverfull in Monogram with blue or pink handles. It is so cute, but priced almost 50% higher. Anyway, I believed Damier Ebene was as understated as I could capture, plus its the only one with a contrasting red interior.

The presence of the three distinct compartments is the Millefeuille’s primary design feature—the two exterior monogram pouches have a different color of leather on their opposite sides to help make them even more visually distinct, and the bag is not gathered at the bottom in an externally obvious way. From the side, the Millefeuille looks a bit like the office satchel version of a Céline Trio.

For me, this is where the design starts to get strange. There are so many contrasting colors and compartments that the Millefeuille feels a bit visually disorganized and unedited to me, and the open compartments give the tote an unfinished feel that doesn’t quite work on a bag with a complicated structure. I’m also not totally sure how the front closure will work; the turnlock comes through the front without the pink leather enclosure, which appears to use a tiny strip of leather to loop through the lock. If that’s the case, it seems as though the bag might be a little annoying to get in and out of, if you plan to use the front third of its structure.

In other ways, though, the bag gets high marks. Its three large compartments provide for plenty of storage and organization, and the optional (and again, contrasting) shoulder strap makes it a versatile carry. The bag currently comes in two versions—red and pink. Both retail for a price of $2,960, and both are currently in stock at Louis Vuitton’s website.

For me, this bag is a pass, but I could see it being loved by others—we want to know whether you’d love it or leave it in the comments.

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Louis Vuitton Millefeuille Tote
$2,960 via Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton Millefeuille Tote
$2,960 via Louis Vuitton

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