Wardrobe Tracking Update – Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Happy Friday guys! This is my very last wardrobe tracking for this season, next month will officially be Spring. Since doing wardrobe tracking this is the very first time I’ve purged more stuff than I acquired. I thought I was done purging but I went at it again and got rid of 46 pieces, this time I posted them on eBay and so far most of it is gone. I have less than 15 left. That was earlier this month, last Sunday I tackled the shoes and purged 15 sneakers/sandals. I’ve also been purging things other than clothes and shoes, that hair or skincare product that I haven’t used in a year. There is joy in having less, I promise you. Specially with my move approaching I’m even thinking on renting a smaller place just to fight the urge to just fill it with stuff. I shared my living room inspo here and I’m thinking of going toward a more minimal style. I still love this color palette but with less stuff.

Spring fashion is my favorite shopping season and there’s several things I want. Since I plan on shopping less this year I have to be really selective, and of course make sure to get a good deal. So let’s go over what I got.



My favorite v-neck t-shirt is the perfect tee from J.Crew, when I saw they came out with a new I had to try it. I loved it so much that I ended up get 2 stripes and and a few . While cleaning my closet I had to get rid of my little black romper because it was too big on me, I found this at at a really good price so I went for it. On trend I’m loving is tie waist skirts and pants, I noticed that one a while ago but of course was waiting for it to go on sale. I ended gettting at 40% off and I had a $15 reward so it was a steal. It is soooo cute, wait til you see it in a future post.