We Buy Louis Vuitton Releases Brand New Fanny Pack, So Now Celebrities Can Stop Carrying Fake Ones Professional Replica

Four of those six colors are available for sale on Louis Vuitton’s website, however for the black and yellow versions, you are going to have to call LV directly, at least for now.It struck me as a small surprise to discover a few months ago that the Louis Vuitton Pallas Chain Bag has been discontinued. Also, the Pallas tote wasn’t going anywhere, so why leave the shoulder bag version? When the Louis Vuitton Saint Placide Bag showed about the brand’s site last week, I eventually had a fair theory: a better successor was on the way.The Louis Vuitton Saint Placide Bag is similar to this Pallas Chain in some obvious ways: it is a petite shoulder bag with a long chain strap, and the body of the bag is monogram canvas topped with a colored leather flap, which closes with a golden lock. Their proportions are a bit different–the newest Saint Placide is a bit deeper and more boxier, giving it more room inside–and the expression of the Saint Placide is a bit more contemporary, but it’s a fairly clear successor whatsoever. The inside is color-matched using the leather top flap, and the gold-tone chain could be doubled for shoulder carry or strung single for crossbody. In a bit over 10 inches wide, the bag is large enough for daytime essentials and casual carry, but the glistening hardware and comparative petiteness also ensure it is suitable for slightly fancier use in the day. The bag is priced at $2,080 in four different colorways, which will be in line with what bags of this sort are going for from the brand in recent seasons.

Someone alert Kendall Jenner

When we did a deep dive into the origins of Kendall Jenner’s maybe-vintage, maybe-fake, maybe-fake-vintage Louis Vuitton Bags Made Replica Fanny Pack last year, one thing surprised me far more than the fact that a rich 20-something would carry a crappy fake: that Louis Vuitton didn’t already make a similarly retro monogram fanny pack. After all, both belt bags and logos are enjoying huge resurgences right now. Louis Vuitton has apparently also noticed that gap between dominant trends and its handbag lineup, too, because the brand just debuted the Louis Vuitton Bumbag, which looks a lot like the fake we caught Kendall carrying.

The Bumbag is pretty much a classic fanny pack a la 80s tourists at Disney World, which is exactly its appeal. Product details are slim right now because the bag, which is part of the Spring 2018 collection, isn’t technically out yet, but LV says that it can be carried as a traditional fanny pack, a shoulder bag or a snug crossbody, in the image of innumerable young influencers. It zips open from the front, and it includes a flat top handle and a little leather patch at the front.

Considering how hard it’s been to get Louis Vuitton’s monogram bags recently, it’s a good bet that this particularly trendy piece will sell through quickly for its retail price of $1,500. If you want one, though, you still have a chance: the bag isn’t actually out yet, and Louis Vuitton is encouraging people to call the brand’s global customer service line to reserve their Bumbag in advance.

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