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If you were bummed to hear LV was getting rid of the Pallas Chain Bag, you’ll be interested in one of its newest offerings

It struck me as a bit of a surprise to find out a couple months ago that the Louis Vuitton Bags Under 500 Replica Pallas Chain Bag was being discontinued. Not only was it popular and not very old, but it exemplified Louis Vuitton’s most successful recent strategy: mixing traditional monogram and colored leather to make one of the brand’s most longstanding signatures feel fresh and modern. Also, the Pallas tote wasn’t going anywhere, so why abandon the shoulder bag variant? When the Louis Vuitton Saint Placide Bag showed up on the brand’s website last week, I finally had a reasonable theory: an improved successor was on the way.

The Louis Vuitton Bags Speedy 35 Replica Saint Placide Bag is similar to the Pallas Chain in some obvious ways: it’s a petite shoulder bag with a long chain strap, and the body of the bag is monogram canvas topped by a colored leather flap, which closes with a golden lock. Their proportions are a bit different—the new Saint Placide is a bit deeper and boxier, giving it more room inside—and the the look of the Saint Placide is a bit more modern, but it’s a pretty clear successor in every way.

The interior is color-matched with the leather top flap, and the gold-tone chain can be doubled for shoulder carry or strung single for crossbody. At a little over 10 inches wide, the bag is big enough for daytime essentials and casual carry, but the gleaming hardware and relative petiteness also make it appropriate for slightly fancier use in the evening. The bag is priced at $2,080 in four different colorways, which is in line with what bags of this type have been going for from the brand in recent seasons. Check out all the colors below.

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Lately I have been getting a lot of questions/emails concerning my Louis Vuitton Bags $50 Replica Neverfull, so I figured a full review would be really valuable for all those of you who are thinking of buying one! I received mine as a birthday present last July…. Before that, I didn’t own any LV. Once I had my own, I realized exactly how practical/useful that the Neverfull is, and I have never looked back! The most important reason that I really like it is because of how versatile it is. It carries everything I need and easily transitions in my pure barre class to a date night with Chris (and everything in between!) .Although it was only initially introduced in 2007, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull has come to be one of LV’s all-time prosperous bags. It’s the kind of bag that won’t ever go out of style and can be worn whatever the trend or season. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull comes in three different sizes: PM (small), MM (medium) and GM (large). Regardless of what size you have, the tote’s name fits it to a T – it really is “never full.” I have the MM – it’s the perfect size as it is large enough to carry everything I need but doesn’t overwhelm my frame. I think if the bag was any bigger than it is, it would look too big! (I am 5’3 for reference)The tote comes in four distinct colors/patterns. Mine is your Damier Azur Canvas using the “Rose Ballerine” interior – a stunning baby pink color. I really like pink so this was the perfect alternative for me. I wore mine all summer this past year, and also in winter with winter white outfits (here’s a good example!) .

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