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Sometimes beauty is so hard to put into words that you remain dumbfounded for a few seconds or minutes or so as you stare into its infinite goodness. Modern, chic, and fashion-forward, the discount Chanel Trendy CC Wallets’ beauty is to-die-for.And ladies the same thing can be said with these Chanel wallets which measures in 3.7′ x 7.3′ x 1.4′ inches. read more

You need to know that the Chanel Medium Classic Flap handbag is annually increasing in value
before you stop buying up Chanel bags to focus on Birkins.Their latest study examined the historical value of the handbag, going back to 1955. While everyone and their mother might have a Chanel classic in their closet these days, they’re still quite valuable. Over the last six years, the bag’s worth has escalated by more than 70 percent, according to the luxury handbag marketplace, Baghunter. read more

As we know,Chanel’s catwalk shows are always a spectacle.The pre-fall 2016 Metiers d’Art collection Of Chanel was pure theatre , which was shown on a faux Parisian street recreated in Rome’s iconic Cinecitta studios. Now, the house is set to see the fruits of Karl Lagerfeld’s and his army of petites mains’ labour as the collection hits stores six months down the line. read more

When it comes to the designer Chanel Newest Bag,it looks like a gift box but is not just simply a gift box. When it is a Chanel gift box that’s also made into an actual bag. Yes,this is one of the novelty pieces that hardcore collectors will love to have, with the launch of Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2016 Pre-Collection in Singapore. read more

Ladies, here is Chanel’s Coco Curve Vanity Case Bag Online which we treat as a prized possession. We are loving smooth leather on this bag. Besides, we need a luxurious vanity case bag to hold our dearest collection of make-ups. It’s so handy that you can take it by the hand or if you feel like wearing it over your shoulder, you can do so with its chained strap. read more

This Replica Chanel Quilted Tote Bag With Vintage CC Clasp is a new tote bag from Chanel. It is a beauty that you should look forward. Although we still don’t have a word yet regarding its size and prize, we’ll keep you up to date once information is available. For now, let’s admire its beauty. read more

It’s the collection between Metiers d’Art and F/W16, and what Chanel likes to call its ‘starting point’ for the coming season.

Because the full collection isn’t in the stores yet, I’ll just leave you with some stills of the gorgeous bags and accessories for now and do another update soon in the coming weeks. Enjoy. read more

So you have your wardrobe filled with all kinds of designer bags; totes, shoulder bags, duffle bags and perhaps even backpacks. But anyone have a Belt Bag? Ladies? Belt Bags are not really popular yet, maybe some day they will. But Cheap Belt Bags can never replace everyday bags like the totes and the shoulder bags because they’re just too small. And they can’t be too big either or else it will drag your pants down because of the weight. read more

Chanel has just launched the Pre-Fall 2016 Collection aka Paris in Rome 2016 Metiers D’Art Collection. Now here’s the thing about this release – we love Paris and Rome, and now those two cultures have been melted together. These bags are keepers! read more

Emily started her journey with a budget of 2000 euro. Her goal was to purchase a small flap bag in Paris. So she asked us for a small advice. Because we are not sure what kind of small flap bag she was looking for, we advised her to try the elegant Chanel Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag or the Mini Squared classic Flap Bag. read more