Christian Dior Replica

When it comes to releasing,it sure looks like Dior is putting its best foot forward with their newest superb fashionable bags and its camera bags. Take this Dior Cannage Stitched Camera Bag review as an example and you’ll know what we are exactly talking about. read more

If Chanel has its own flap bags, Dior on the other hand has it’s equally and fashionably gorgeous signature Diorama bag for the Dior woman. An haute couture, the newest Diorama CD Bag is all we could ever ask for in a bag. read more

The iconic Lady Dior bag Online is the most coveted Dior bag of all time. Yes, it is that famous. If you take a good look at it, this bag screams fashion attention as if telling the world “Look at me, look at me.” A classic bag on its own, the Lady Dior already made its name but it keeps coming back for more. Talk about surprises, this mini bag is in black ceramic-effect deerskin with an embroidered jeweled swan on the front. read more

There is no doubt that the perfect Lady Dior Double Chain Bag is a brilliant creation. A few small adjustments to the Lady Dior Bag have changed the design completely. However, the essential elements have been kept like the iconic Cannage Stitching, the shape and the eyelets. The double chain only enhances the elegant style, making it more irresistible. read more

Not too far away from Florence, Dior’s Runway Bag Review is crafted with artisanal techniques that have been handed down for generations. The precision that goes into making the bag ensures that all the caning aligns and meets perfectly on each of the bag’s three sections. The bag isn’t only limited to leather – there are options that feature the cannage motif, suede, ponyhair, and even intricate embroidery and beading. read more

Usually Dior mini bags come in single colors, you know, pick the black or white, the blue or pink. And as an extension of Dior’s latest release, the Lady Dior and Diorissimo bags with pockets, of which most are also painted in tri-colors, presenting the Dior Twist Bag Reviews. Measuring 21 x 13 cm, the chain is 120 cm. read more

The smaller, the better, as long as it’s beautiful. The famous Diorissimo tote bag, you know from the brand DIOR. Its fame is still rising and certainly keeping the pace of the Lady Dior Tote. But after introducing a series of new colors and decoration of the Diorissimo Bag in medium and large size, it was about time that something stunning would shake our never-ending wish list. Here you are, the Dior Small Diorissimo Tote. read more

You will absolutely love this – the Lady Dior Bag sale is about to get more excited. You see, there is actually only one type of Lady Dior Bag for a very long time. But that tradition has recently changed. read more

The luxury Replica Dior Diorever Bag has been released in store and in all imaginable sizes. Though this bag is available in single colors, Dior has also made several options in different patterns and leathers. The leather choices are bullcalf leather, in metallic calfskin, in suede calfskin and if in exotic choices like crocodile. read more

Lady Dior, Diorissimo, Diorama, Be Dior and now the Diorever – All of these names has Dior in it and they are like music in our ears.How much Dior handbags can you collect? How much do you already have in your wardrobe? There is actually one more bag that you should put on your wish list for the next season – the Replica Dior Diorever Tote Bag sale. read more