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For this new version of Bag Versus, we have compared two Fendi handbags, the new Dotcom bag and the classic Peekaboo Bag. Both bags features a top handle with a structured shape. These two tote bags are perfect for everyday use with spacious interior and versatile design. Let’s check out the difference between the two. The Fendi Dotcom Bag is the brand’s latest design. Introduced for the Resort 2016 Collection, its unique feature is the contrasting removable pouch which has a metal stud, visible on the bag’s exterior, hence the name Dotcom. This pouch can be used on its own, as a clutch bag. The Dotcom Bag includes a detachable shoulder strap. It has two zipped compartments and 2 internal flat pockets. It is currently only available in one size, which measures at 9.5″ H x 11.8″ W x 5.5″ D. Retails for $2,400.00 (USD). read more

You may ask what makes it special from all the other backpacks out there? Here’s a little background check: The Fendi Selleria Bag Online is one of Fendi’s iconic bag with a long history, and today, they are offering it in a backpack ensemble. Fendi is bringing its A-game with its newest Selleria Bi-Color Backpacks. Unlike the past Selleria bag, this latest backpack edition is bi-color, which is something new. read more

The autumn has started and the summer is going to be so beautiful that the noble Fendi Peekaboo Bag is starting to blossom. Well, we love the Peekaboo bag, don’t we? And especially when they’re available in single colors like these. read more

As somebody who both loves 1:1 Fendi bags sale and dislikes ruffles, Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi have me in a bit of a bind for Fall 2016. Ruffles and waves were the whole foundation of the gathering, in the real furs lower towards the offered-individually bag straps, nearly as if your researcher had expected Karl off just a little in early stages the gravitational waves discovery of the couple weeks ago. read more

Here’s another #SG50-worthy bag that you should most definitely check out. And before you make the face, here are 3 reasons why fashion Fendi’s Petite 2Jours is the one for keeps. read more

As someone who both loves Fendi bags outlet and dislikes ruffles, Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi have me in a bit of a bind for Fall 2016. Ruffles and waves were the entire basis of the collection, from the furs down to the sold-separately bag straps, almost as if a scientist had tipped Karl off a little early on the gravitational waves discovery of a couple weeks ago. read more

Luxury Fendi Handbags. Worldwide latest Leather and fancy handbags fashion for ladies. A crimson hobo would surely be considered a favorite associated with a fashionable person. One reason is that it does not take too much complex time for you to find outfits that would go. We’re obsessed with Fendi’s Spring 2016 runway bags; do you also love them deeply? read more

Fendi’s, y’all can relax now. First it was All-Day Breakfast, then it was mozzarella sticks, and now it’s a brand-new look. The first two updates were legit, but this one is a dash of desperate if you ask us. In what appears to be an effort to cater to us hip millennials, Fendi designer bag is updating their packaging with a brighter, bolder look. According to Chicago Tribune, the “face lift” aims to get us kiddos off our phones (LOL) seemingly by distracting us with the chicness of its design.Why don’t they just invent an app that lets us 3-D print cheeseburgers from our phone? Or maybe bring back collectible cups, Hot Wheels for adults, or let the rest of us hit that Mac and Cheese they introduced in flippin’ Ohio? The article notes the chain will be moving to packaging made from “recycled or certified sustainable sources by 2020.” We have to admit—and God bless our millennial soul for saying this— that idea is pretty cool. Wouldn’t you agree? read more