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The brand has introduced Replica Gucci MX, a project that caters to non-binary consumers, dissolving the traces of the gender split, while placing an emphasis on the importance of self-expression.
Over the past few seasons, Michele’s collections have attempted to deconstruct preconceived binaries, questioning how these notions relate to our style choices and self reflection. Most recently, the brand revealed its Jackie 1961 bag for the men’s FW20 series, arguably among their House’s most iconic bags with a genderless attitude. This new iteration of a house icon has been featured front and center in the Replica Gucci MX campaign.
The MX project is a hand-selected group of clothing and accessories with a gender fluid approach to fashion. The curation plays what we as people use, introducing masculinity and femininity as comparative concepts. Replica Gucci MX was created as part of a 5-year ingenious fantasy of Michele’s. The project’s launch is celebrated by celebrity Melek Zertal, at a comic strip specifically commissioned to celebrate the launching of Replica Gucci MX, the newest announced late last week on its own social channels. Shop the choice now available only on Replica read more

Happy Friday! I’m so happy the weekend is here, this week was dragging as usual. I don’t have much planned so far, but I’m looking forward to relaxing and being at home. Isn’t this tee the cutest, I got it from Nomad and wore it right a way. It is so soft and I love the embroidered details, I washed it already and it’s looking as good as new and maintained it’s shape. Thank you for all the sweet comments in yesterday’s post, I will make more of those I promise. I’m kinda sore right now so I will keep this short and get some sleep. Have a great weekend and watch out for the newsletter on Sunday, if you haven’t signed up yet then what are you waiting for? Toodles! read more

Happy Friday guys! This is my very last wardrobe tracking for this season, next month will officially be Spring. Since doing wardrobe tracking this is the very first time I’ve purged more stuff than I acquired. I thought I was done purging but I went at it again and got rid of 46 pieces, this time I posted them on eBay and so far most of it is gone. I have less than 15 left. That was earlier this month, last Sunday I tackled the shoes and purged 15 sneakers/sandals. I’ve also been purging things other than clothes and shoes, that hair or skincare product that I haven’t used in a year. There is joy in having less, I promise you. Specially with my move approaching I’m even thinking on renting a smaller place just to fight the urge to just fill it with stuff. I shared my living room inspo here and I’m thinking of going toward a more minimal style. I still love this color palette but with less stuff. read more

Happy Friday guys! So happy this week is coming to an end, I have a pretty packed weekend so I’m not sure I’ll be getting much rest. This week was pretty stressful for me, and couple times I ended up with a terrible headache but I fought through it and exercising helped a bunch. I’m trying to do yoga at least once a week, and last week’s session helped a lot. read more

Happy hump day! Tuesday was kind of rough for me but thankfully we are halfway through the week. My weekend wasn’t all that exciting but it was nice to have that extra day, my only regret is that I didn’t go to the beach or pool although Memorial weekend is a nightmare in South Florida. SO MANY PEOPLE!!!! read more

Hi guys! I know I don’t usually post outfits on Thursday, but I’m posting a day early this week just in time to co-host Summer Style with Tara. I’ve been following Tara for a very long time now, so I was super excited when she asked me to join her. read more

Happy hump day! So this week is a little crazy specially yesterday but I’m working through it. Come on weekend, I am ready for you. With labor day around the corner, I’m trying and failing at not paying attention to all the sales. I expect them to start rolling out today, of course I hope Express has the regular 40% off so that I can get a couple portofino shirts and barcelona camis. For an even better round-up of what to get there, check out Gina’s post. I’m trying to stick to the basics, I don’t really need much but it is my birthday month so I kind of want to treat myself. Surprisingly I not crushing on much right now, which is weird. read more

What I’m Wearing :: sunglasses – || earrings – || necklace – Banana Republic () || wrap bracelet – || initial bangle|| birthstone bangle – || lotus bracelet –|| watch – || dress – || vest – Target () || replica bag – c/o || sandals – Dolce Vita ()
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And we’re back, this is the third installment of our Summer Travel Survival, if you missed my two previous post go here and here. This week is all about Summer travel survival. You won’t here any complaints from me, I am so looking forward to my upcoming vacation to Hawaii and my trip is now 3 weeks a way and I’ve been working on my itinerary and of course mentally packing. I am headed to Maui, it’s my first time there and I plan on beachin’ it, hiking, do the Road to Hana excursion, explore and eating all the yummy local food. I did a great job at packing for my last couple of trips so I thought I’d share in advance what I plan on bringing with me. I usually make a list of every single thing I need to bring and this time I am sharing it with you. I did some research as far as checking what the weather will be like and what people who’ve been there recommends. read more