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The concept of Jimmy Choo Handbags Outlet Replica Cruise 2014 collection is built around the delightful shoes inspired by the concept of ‘cocktail party’. Whether you are dancing or enjoying your baileys at a party, you need the right bag to go with your killer heels, the ideal color to complete your outfit and the right size to match your height. And only when all the bits are perfect can you call it a fabulous night. read more


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Studs used to represent goth-styles and tough looks, but today, studs are loved by many and they are essential ingredients in designing sophisticated, fashionable chic bags. Jimmy Choo knows how to make studded shoes, in fact we worship them. But they also know how to create studded bags. read more


Jimmy Choo and bags? Yep, the luxury label is on to something…and their Pearl and Brass Clutch is not the type you should mess with. It exudes so much class and elegance, amidst its seemingly intimidating structure that’s so out-of-this world. Caged with pearls and crystals? Definitely. You’re gonna gain so much fashion points for sporting this baby. read more


Whether it’s your own wedding or the one of your big sister, either way you’re obligated to look finger-licking good. Creativity must kick-in to decide what you will be wearing for the big event, from the top to the bottom. While guys just wear black suits, the Madame needs to think how to look glamorous, starting with the perfect dress. Should I wear red, pink or white? read more


I’m hard on Jimmy Choo, but only because the company has such rich guarantee and tools that I have a tendency to carry it to a higher standard than I would a smaller label with much more limited ability to employ layout firepower. Occasionally, I get it.The Jimmy Choo Phebe Woven Leather Tote might not seem to be an innovative design achievement, and that’s because it’s not. What it is, however, is perhaps as near an ideal high-end summer bag because you can get. And perhaps that’s equally as great, if not better.We’ve spoken previously about the unpleasantness of laying down four characters for a straw bag, and it’s something that I just cannot bring myself to perform. It is not an issue of income, but one of principle — I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that those bags aren’t worth the exorbitant prices, and that I have to suspend disbelief to lose that kind of cash on leather. To get it done for straw is beyond the pale.What Choo has provided us here is the best of both worlds. This bag has the same breezy, lightweight, handmade (though it’s perhaps not) texture of a straw beach bag, but instead, it is stitched leather with a subtle shade variation plus some seriously cool manage attachments. I wish it were available in brighter colours, but if you like tan for spring, this really is a great bag to get the beach feel with luxurious materials. Just do not take it into the actual beach. read more


Fairytale does exist.

Don’t wake me up from my dreams, are these real? Oh gosh, Sandra Choi (creative director Jimmy Choo) designed the most beautiful Cinderella Pumps in the world. Two pairs please!(one I keep for reserve). read more


I’m not certain I know where to start. The tote seemingly includes its very own (attached!) Bed of raccoon tails so regardless of where you put it, it is sure to function as a very expensive Swiffer and draw all the loose dust in a twelve-inch radius. Not to mention that while you are walking, that giant wad of fur will be dangling from your hip the whole time.And then there’s the strap! It resembles the kind of thick, fancy rope which you would find at an upholstery shop frequented by the actual Housewives of New Jersey. No, really, this is exactly what it reminds me of (if you do not understand where that is headed, jump to about 3:30):When the whipstitched reptile-and-leather tote had been on a usual strap, then it would have been a perfectly passable crossbody option, but with half a dozen tassles and yards of rope and pounds of fur, then it’s hard to remember that there is even a bag there. I could envision this bag looking the part in a Russian-themed Vogue editorial, but past that, I hope that no one plans to real purchase or take it. Purchase through Neiman Marcus for $1336 (was $1995).Much for my eternal delight, leopard print is going absolutely nowhere. It came on strong as an accessories trend last autumn, but the pattern was falling in and out of favor for decades and it’s here to stay as long as fashion love for maximalism remains strong. In reality, the quantity of leopard that’s surfacing for Fall 2011 could be an all-time high for the modern style industry.Assuming which you’re still in to leopard, that usually means you’ve got some accessories choices to make. Natural or grey? Satchel or bag? Partially leather or all haircalf? As for me, I’ll select Alaia every day, daily, but look at the bigger photos and pricing information after the jump before you let us know which style wins this Bag Battle. read more

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In his seasons at Balenciaga so far, Alexander Wang has set a sporty but intensely luxurious precedent for himself, generally cast in neutral shades and finished with inventive-but-modern hardware. Balenciaga Spring 2015 very much follows in that short tradition, with top-handled frame bags that might also be clutches. (Or might only be clutches?) read more

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You’d fail to envision, just how much this Classic City will hold! If you go with this slouchy companion it will stuff your mac charger, phone charger, a full day’s clothing, make-up, wallet along with your 13″ MacBook specialist! So it is huge and definitely fits a good deal. For organization the inside opens into a fabric lining with inner zipped and slot pockets with How Much Are Balenciaga Bags In Hong Kong engraved plaque.And bingo! You’ve got an additional external zipper pocket to match in your iPhone plus a mirror inside this. This Balenciaga bag is lightweight so it does not include the weight of those essentials you take in this. In addition, you shouldn’t use the shoulder strap option if you’re carrying a good deal, as the leather drops at the very bottom, so the top handle should be the taste in this condition. read more