Go Shopping With The Conventional Dior Runway Replica Bag

Not too far away from Florence, Dior’s Runway Bag Review is crafted with artisanal techniques that have been handed down for generations. The precision that goes into making the bag ensures that all the caning aligns and meets perfectly on each of the bag’s three sections. The bag isn’t only limited to leather – there are options that feature the cannage motif, suede, ponyhair, and even intricate embroidery and beading.


Just like any architectural wonder, the bag is reinforced in all the right places to make sure it holds it form through time. Everything – from the width of the leather’s caning down to the gilded brass charms spelling D-I-O-R that hang from the handles of a finished bag – has been thoughtfully worked and selected to create the brand’s new It bag after the iconic Lady Dior. The sides are reinforced with a leather band to hold up the area that endures the most stress.