Miu Miu Presents New Selection Of The Iconic Replica Handbags:Miu Miu Amiulet Replica Bags

Do you love colors? Do you like trends? Do you love iconic replica bags? Well, get ready for a special treat. They are in Papaya, Iride, Marea, Cobalt, in all sort of bright colors and luminous shades (have picked your favorite color yet?). Allow me to present Miu Miu’s most famous iconic replica bags, inspired by their first collection, their ‘Madras’ handbags.

We can’t deny, we do love colors, especially beautiful colors. Pick the right one that matches to your need and your wardrobe of course. Each bag is embossed with a signature logo on the front and they all come in gold hardware. It makes each design look unique (The series of bright colors makes the Madras handbags look like sweet candies, I love it). The leather is not only butterly-soft, but they have been treated with a special process. They are resistant and durable, so no worries that it will fall apart anytime soon.


Six designs are available at your finger tips, which one do you like most? The half-moon shaped moon totes, rectangle shaped bag with expandable wings or the delightful chic shoulder bag? This is the new Madras project, it’s Miu Miu’s retro version of the Madras collection that comes in dazzling colors like brilliant hues and bright nuances. Available at Miu Miu e-store.

Inspired by the iridescent nature of fashion and its tireless capacity to change, Miu Miu has captured a sensual and at the same time, a new concept: Amiulet Replica Bag. Experimental by nature, lively and young not in age but in mindset, the Miu Miu woman has the interplay of contradictions between apparently opposing attitudes in her essence. Very different from Prada.


Different materials are separated and reassembled obtaining and unexpected result: sophisticated craquelé leather, python and Plexiglas with an unique shape in animalier motif. Miuccia Prada said that the new concept is a bridge between past and future. “A touch of retrò in a modern world”. This is the first project of this style. The amiulet is a series of fake bags proposed as amulet, to be chosen according to the individual personality of each woman. No age but just a creative spirit for every single moment. Historically an amulet is considered an object that brings good luck and keep away bad faith.


The collection is called Amiulet because the fake bags are supposed to represent in their different themes and combination the peculiarities of a woman’s character.The leopard theme represents the provocative and aggressive women, the colorful phyton is featuring the sophisticated and exigent ones, the nappa ideal for the essential looks and the pattina for the funniest and playful woman.Amiulet project will be launched in 10 countries and 14 stores, with 11 models and 9 materials.

One of the first boutique is London. Enjoy!