This brand new W Louis Vuitton Bag Price Replica design has lots of contrasting colors and an interesting structure

As regular PurseBlog readers have likely noticed, I’ve mostly loved Louis Vuitton’s work over the past couple seasons. Designer Nicolas Ghesquiere has really hit his stride with the brand, and in particular, the way his accessories department combines the classic LV monogram fabric with colorful leathers in clean-lined, modern designs has made one of the luxury world’s oldest icons feel fresh again. And I’m far from the only one who’s impressed: Vuitton bags are going out of stock left and right. Enter the Louis Vuitton Millefeuille Tote, the latest new design to use the monogram-and-leather approach that’s won so many fans. read more

The Bag I Want But Can’t Find

Day after day I refresh the Louis Vuitton Bags Inside Replica webpage
1. It may hold up to 200lbs. Now, I can not take 200lbs, but I know I can load the bag without fear. I spoke with an executive from Louis Vuitton Bags Yellow Replica at their San Diego shop opening a few months ago and he clarified that they did place the bag through intense pressure testing to come up with this amount.2. It retains my clunky laptop, DSLR camera, iPad along with other random things with room to spare and without showing signs of anxiety. Despite the open surface, things do not spill out of it as I had envisioned. Of course, if you up-end it your possessions will fly anywhere.4. Close the golden buckle, tighten the sides and push it in bottom initially to prevent stuff from falling out.5. The earliest and most-loved member of the LV collection is a backpack that’s 12 years old. It has carried a ridiculous quantity of crap, been pushed and dropped in random areas, and has lived on three continents with me. It still seems great.The bottom line is I can take all of my stuff, feel awkward about it, and still look great doing it.Maybe it is me, but that I visit luxury purses trending toward minimal logos. Even though it’s heavier, I would have preferred this tote to come from the understated Epi leather. It doesn’t. Your options have been Monogram Idylle Canvas, Monogram Canvas and Damier Azure or even Ebene. Temporarily, the gorgeous She is So… collection includes the Neverfull in Monogram with pink or blue handles. It’s so cute, but priced nearly 50 percent higher. Anyway, I thought Damier Ebene was as understated as I could get, plus its the only one having a contrasting red inside.
Call for availability, those words send me into a rage
It’s the first time in a while I’ve desperately wanted a bag
I’ll complain to anyone who will listen, so now I am a nag read more

Don’t worry, there’s still a little monogram hidden here and there

Without really realizing it, there are probably some aesthetic cues and details that read to you as particularly Louis Vuitton. Beyond the obvious logos and prints, maybe it’s a certain type of closure or stitching, or the particular way a handle attachment or zipper is shaped, or maybe how the leather is finished. They’re hard to describe one by one, but together, they’re what make you look at a new bag and suspect it’s from one place or another, absent an obvious logo. For Fall 2018, Louis Vuitton’s runway bags have dispensed with almost all those visual signifiers, and in their place you’ll find inventive leather finishes and interesting hardware. read more

If you were bummed to hear LV was getting rid of the Pallas Chain Bag, you’ll be interested in one of its newest offerings

It struck me as a bit of a surprise to find out a couple months ago that the Louis Vuitton Bags Under 500 Replica Pallas Chain Bag was being discontinued. Not only was it popular and not very old, but it exemplified Louis Vuitton’s most successful recent strategy: mixing traditional monogram and colored leather to make one of the brand’s most longstanding signatures feel fresh and modern. Also, the Pallas tote wasn’t going anywhere, so why abandon the shoulder bag variant? When the Louis Vuitton Saint Placide Bag showed up on the brand’s website last week, I finally had a reasonable theory: an improved successor was on the way. read more

Many of these pieces were first seen on the runway

Louis Vuitton doesn’t do big lookbook drops on its website like Chanel or Céline, so instead, you have to creep in the New Arrivals section of the brand’s website and know what you’re looking for in order to spot runway bags as soon as they drop. Luckily, doing that is literally my job, and over a dozen Louis Vuitton Spring 2018 bags have just popped up on the site. read more

In case you missed them, you might want to make one of these your next new bag

We normally don’t devote full posts to things as picayune as new colors being added to an existing bag’s lineup, but not every bag is as popular as the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis. Although the style wasn’t launched as a big public push by LV, shoppers love it so much that the original monogram version can be difficult to pick up in stores, and as a result, the brand now releases a few new versions every season. read more

Four of those six colors are available for sale on Louis Vuitton’s website, however for the black and yellow versions, you are going to have to call LV directly, at least for now.It struck me as a small surprise to discover a few months ago that the Louis Vuitton Pallas Chain Bag has been discontinued. Also, the Pallas tote wasn’t going anywhere, so why leave the shoulder bag version? When the Louis Vuitton Saint Placide Bag showed about the brand’s site last week, I eventually had a fair theory: a better successor was on the way.The Louis Vuitton Saint Placide Bag is similar to this Pallas Chain in some obvious ways: it is a petite shoulder bag with a long chain strap, and the body of the bag is monogram canvas topped with a colored leather flap, which closes with a golden lock. Their proportions are a bit different–the newest Saint Placide is a bit deeper and more boxier, giving it more room inside–and the expression of the Saint Placide is a bit more contemporary, but it’s a fairly clear successor whatsoever. The inside is color-matched using the leather top flap, and the gold-tone chain could be doubled for shoulder carry or strung single for crossbody. In a bit over 10 inches wide, the bag is large enough for daytime essentials and casual carry, but the glistening hardware and comparative petiteness also ensure it is suitable for slightly fancier use in the day. The bag is priced at $2,080 in four different colorways, which will be in line with what bags of this sort are going for from the brand in recent seasons. read more

This botanical twist on one of Louis Vuitton’s popular bags stole our hearts

It’s no secret that Louis Vuitton has some of the best bags around. We cover Louis Vuitton bags so often here at PurseBlog because not only do we love writing about them, but you guys seem to love seeing them and reading about them as well! I myself went through a major Louis obsession, and I can remember dreaming about owning a Speedy bag for as long as I knew of its existence. Recently, I found a binder full of collages I used to make from fashion magazines that I would beg my mother to buy me at the drugstore. It was way back in middle school that I would spend hours cutting and gluing pictures of purses, shoes and designer clothes onto cardstock. Sure enough, I had a page cut out with my dream items and there on hot pink paper was a clipping of the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. The year was probably 2003 or so, and when I stumbled upon my old binder I remember thinking how inexpensive the Speedy was back then! Years later, when I finally got one for my high school graduation, my Louis Vuitton obsession only intensified. Over the years, I acquired a few more LV pieces before my fixation on Louis and only Louis faded. read more

We’ve got some tips and tricks for snagging the most popular bags while you can

In my nearly decade-long career covering luxury brands, I’ve never thought of Louis Vuitton bags as scarce. To a certain extent, that’s a question of scale: Louis Vuitton has been the biggest luxury brand in the world for all of recent history. If your company is that big, you’re going to be satisfying the majority of consumer demand as a matter of course, because the business wouldn’t have grown to that size if it didn’t have manufacturing abilities that outpaced its competitors. read more

Louis Vuitton skipped its usual lavish show and instead released a limited lookbook of new designs

Louis Vuitton is the richest luxury brand in the world—and it’s not close—so under normal circumstances, we can rely on LV to do things in a big way. Its shows are always events, held in global landmarks like the Louvre or at the brand’s own Frank Gehry-designed Louis Vuitton Foundation building. For Pre-Fall 2018, though, Vuitton has taken a more scaled-back approach, opting only to release 15 lookbook images to the public. read more