Reviewing The Chanel Gift Box Brass & Resin Evening Bag

When it comes to the designer Chanel Newest Bag,it looks like a gift box but is not just simply a gift box. When it is a Chanel gift box that’s also made into an actual bag. Yes,this is one of the novelty pieces that hardcore collectors will love to have, with the launch of Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2016 Pre-Collection in Singapore.


No word yet on the price, but I expect it to cost at least 5 figures. What you could do instead? Head down to Chanel stat and check out the entire collection and pick up something else more affordable that will also come in its own gift box.Measuring a wee 16.5 cm by 12.5 cm, this adorable resin clutch is quite literally the perfect gift to yourself, adorned with a brass ribbon that’s then topped with the iconic camilla. Not this one, but you know what I mean.