The Replica Yves Saint Laurent Sac De Jour With Beautifu Color

When the Replica Yves Saint Laurent Sac de Jour first came out, Amanda shared that it wasn’t for her. I took a liking to it and my feelings toward the bag have only grown over time. Saint Laurent hit it big with this bag, and it’s proven to be accepted into the handbag world and given a permanent slot in the must-have bag category. Celebs love the Sac de Jour in varying shapes and sizes and we delved into the bag more with our Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Ultimate Bag Guide. Though I found a few versions of this bag that I love, I haven’t purchased one yet. I got my hands on one of these in the new light blue color, and I can share a closer look at the bag that I’ve fallen for.

First things first, this ysl bag review is more lovely in person than in stock images online. Sometimes I run into a bag that looks great on a website but in person it’s underwhelming but that isn’t the case with the Sac de Jour. In person this bag was able to give me a good look at the quality which proved to be very high. Each stitch was in place, the leather was thick and supple, and the bag smelled delicious.


There are four sizes of this bag, and only the Small and Large offer an interior center zip compartment that separates the bag into two areas. For me that’s a must, and the small size resembles more of a medium size. It’s not overly large but it’s not too tiny to fit my wallet or get too tight as I add my items inside.Blue has always been my favorite color and in this case, it’s one of the most beautiful hues I’ve ever seen. Yves Saint Laurent calls it Bleu Clair and it’s a lovely powder blue that isn’t too light but has just the right amount of pastel to make it dreamy.The leather is a little on the heavier side, but it’s not a ysl bag sale that I’d label as heavy (it weighs 2.6lbs). The optional shoulder strap is plenty long, 19.25″. There are other color options, but this color has my heart.