The Return of the Best Replica Prada Bowling Bag

Though the it tote craze didn’t really take hold until a couple of years after, in the turn of the century Miuccia Prada sent the first it bag of down the century her Spring/Summer 2000 runway show. A entirely different shape, with curved lines and an oddly satisfying streamlined design, the Prada Bowling Bag was inspired by a genuine bowling bag. No sooner did the tote make its way off the runway that consumers began planning to buy if it hit stores. When the bag did property in stores, it sold out immediately and the waitlist rose through the day.
Although there was a short reissue of this bag in 2012 to celebrate the Met’s Impossible Conversations exhibit alongside eight of Prada’s other greatest hits, the official reintroduction of the Prada Bowling Bag is slated for its Resort 2020 year old. 20 decades later and this tote provides the ideal touch of nostalgia spruced up as a mid-century century classic.
Majority of bags fall into specific shape groups and few stray from these expected shapes since they are tested and tried. The Bowling Bag differs, and in this situation different is a really good thing. The pairing of a Modernist design with nods to classic sweeping automobile chassis, the Bowling Bag is as intriguing to check at as it is to carry. The semi-circle shape attracts your attention immediately as do the panels of leather that change the bag into a more artistic design (in majority of the offerings in contrasting colours ).
Offered in nice soft calf leather, the re-imagined Bowling Bag offers what old-school and modern-day Prada fans adore about the newest. Prada’s calf leather is a number of the most supple, durable, and delicious leather any brand provides. The leather is one which makes you need to grab it and examine it, and this is where Prada shines. The dual top zipper pull is thick, so simple to maneuver and of premium quality. There is a tab where the zipper track ends designed for somewhere to rest the metal zipper pulls. Launch the bag is easy and though the bag does not split open wide with simplicity (like other contours do), the shape allows for ample interior space and easy finding of your items.
There are two sizes of this Prada Bowling Bag; the bigger of the two has double top handles and a optional removable shoulder strap, while the smaller only has a single adjustable shoulder strap. The bigger would work well as a regular or work tote, offering Prada nylon logo lining along with a zip pocket on either side. The smaller is great for the wearer who does not need to carry much but loves this shape and includes a single interior slide pocket (no zippers here!) .
Though single colorways are available, the dual colorways offered comprise white with black, cognac with white, white, white with reddish, and black with whitepink with white.
The elegant simplicity paired with the sportiness of this Bowling bag combines to create a showstopping layout, one which brings sense of nostalgia to longtime handbag aficionados like myself but does not feel dated. What is old is new again and in such a instance it feels like the Prada Bowling Bag never left, and that’s a fantastic thing.